Altissima Stone

Natural stone is synonymous with experience, with life. Pieces of history will remain for evermore in your spaces.

With the passage of time, the most spectacular geographic motifs on this planet have been formed. Mountains stand out above all of them. The Altissima collection will offer unique, exclusive and one-of-a-kind stone slabs. Designed by nature to offer each piece a distinctive style. Natural stone is synonymous with experience, with life. Pieces of history will remain for evermore in your spaces.

A natural, unique product that only few can acquire. History will be with you for the rest of your life.

Altissima is part of you.

“Unique stones for exclusive customers”

Altissima Stone adds another dimension to natural stone. Unique stone slabs that are suited to any project and any space. The material in the slab can be handled in many ways to offer a wide range of cut and design options.

The architect and sculptor Michelangelo said that he did not sculpt the stone, it was the stone that decided what story it wanted to tell; he only made it visible.

These words give us an idea of the immensity of stone, as no two pieces are alike. The possibility of having an exclusive piece of nature in your home is a luxury that any customer of Altissima Stone can now afford.

“Altissima Stone transports every corner of the world to your home”

Europe, Asia, South America… Altissima Stone offers you stones of the highest quality from around the world. You can decorate any space with carefully selected stones from quarries from numerous locations.

Exclusive pieces that make your home a unique, elegant and extraordinary space. Flooring and cladding that will give character to any setting. Varied color tones that can be adapted for every need, style and setting.

A huge variety of shades, veins and patterns. Natural stone that tells stories through its veins. Altissima Stone works with everything from pieces with the most common and regular shades and style to the most exotic stones that the user could ever imagine.

“Pieces of history linked to the most innovative quality”

Every natural stone is a piece of history which Altissima Stone enhances with thorough selection and quality processes. Material with a history, guaranteed for the future

So every slab is carefully selected at source in the quarry, where it is checked and approved by Altissima Stone’s professionals. Each piece is treated in a manner suited to its exclusive nature, so we treat each natural stone slab like the unique material that it is.

All Altissima Stone materials are stored in the best conditions for optimal maintenance until they are shipped. The slabs are packaged to ensure the safe transportation of the stone, so that the user receives the product in the best possible condition.

We take care of the entire stone process so that the user can simply enjoy the end result. History in your home.