Altissima Showroom in London

Contemporary classical language. Reflections that combine to create added space and very attractive visuals.

A sophisticated, warm and relaxed atmosphere where you can appreciate the qualities of the natural stones used.

In the exclusive Fulham district, bordering the Thames, is the Porcelanosa Showroom. The top floor is devoted to nature, to Altissima Stone. We enter a space dominated by a large backlit marble and onyx arch, the point where the sun sets every evening.

Opposite to this stands a marble sculpture, combined with a mosaic in the form of an inverted crescent counter. Elements that compose the space entered from the circular glass elevator that runs up and down the whole store.

From this area you can access the large terrace, where the various natural stone slabs from across the world are displayed opposite to the Thames. You pass through the space by going through various mirrored doors that reveal the other rooms.

A large backlit onyx bar allows you to enjoy a relaxing moment at the bar. The back of this stylish space is dominated by the natural stone installed as a book match. Large in size and aesthetically flawless, this space is the perfect setting for an informal gathering, where you can enjoy the show cooking of various culinary specialties and delicious cocktails.

Next to the reception area you can access the meeting room. Light and soft shades, to achieve a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. The marble center table is framed between the large wall from which another book match is hanging and some stone panels displaying up to five different finishes.

The connecting corridor, completely lined with dark marble, contrasts beautifully with the light entering from above, filtered by the backlit onyx suspended elements.

The lamps, placed along the whole corridor, divert your attention from the old chandeliers, thanks to their large illuminated marble lantern-like forms, with sharp metal elements that are suspended vertically.

Natural stone is also the main feature of the two restroom areas. To top it all off, we have custom-made and hand-finished solid stone washbasins.

Lighting is built into the materials, combined with a spot light that accentuates the volumes and warmth of the material in the high-quality marble cladding.

The Gallery

Wandsworth Bridge Rd, Fulham, London SW6 2TY, UK.

Spaces curated by the PORCELANOSA team in which the best and most demanding Natural Stone collections are exhibited and where our guests enjoy a unique experience.

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